Saturday, October 16, 2010


We had the good fortune last night to drink our Redstripes @ HR 57 while Eric Lewis tore up everything in the room. Metal armor on his wrists, a buffalo stance ripped from Little Richard, he put himself foursquare in the tradition. He took the crackerrock anthem,* "Sweet Home Alabama" and turned it inside out, the same the people took hymns and turned them into mnemonics to track the unnaground way home. By bringing Michael Jackson into the same picture frame as King, Rossington and Van Zant, he circles the square -- love rules by embracing hateration. There is so much things to be said 'bout brovah E to the Lew, so much more than just calling his name and genius when he plays "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as if he were Сергей Рахманинов. We just hope he hits the strip in the diamond and stays within near a $15 cover and a Redstripe. All blues this good is better in small house full of mojo than it is a concert hall.


* You'll fnid our thoughts on this twist in the threads over @ the Blue Light. Join us.

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