Friday, October 22, 2010

Freaks of the Industry

We're strumming through Dr. Octo on our way to work this AM.

We've got to say we've never really gotten that close, even though it is tempting. Lissening, though, is a comforting reminder that the boys over @ Odd Futures aren't any farther from the tradition than the audible sound of the good doctor's voice.

It prompts, even tempts, more thinking on the Lazarussian (maybe it's Orphic) of the unnaground -- the all about it is about coming up and coming back, no matter how much murder and rape you rhyme over.

We owe it to Keith Matthew Thornton to pay closer attention, even though looking close @ halfsharkalligatorhalfman may ultimately blind us, or turn us to stone. How can we look at it w/out looking back?

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