Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here's what ancient to future looks like when it is happening.

Our record is overscribbled with the phrase ancient to future, a phrase we stole from AEC 'bout 35 years ago the instant we began unnastanding the all about it going on in Nice Guys (as important to the 70s as PB4CL is for the 90s).

We are reminded of our early reading in Kurt Vonnegut. His tralfamadorians were capable of perceiving things as they existed over time. So when they looked at the stars, the stars looked like spaghetti, not single points of light. We suspect that there are no such things as tralfamadorians (even though Vonnegut, like Lester Bowie and Madlib, has fits of autobiography), but rather that they are clever written figures standing in for people who experience ancient to future, you dig? Look up at the picture of Madlib. He's all acting up like a tralfamadorian.

Come back to this. Go forward. Come back to this.

That's what we mean when we say on and on and on and on.

To the breakadawn.

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