Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reading Howard Finster, "Vision of a Great Gulf on Planet Hell" (1980)

When you climb totop of Hell it's just going down again.

If Jesus cast -7- devils out of one woman - - how many devils is in
the world

No food in hell

If you make it to hell you can say Howard told you about it on earth

He'll will will make a lot of believers who will never quit believing
even with out a bible or a preacher or church or god

Devil of death who kills and laughs about it. I will be glad his horns
hang in the stones of hell fast

Jesus don.t. put people in hell he don.t. take them out but he will
keep you from going there if you hear him

I will not except hell for my destinie if you do you are a fool

Saten forced to stay with those he deceived

The sun never shines here only fire light and darkness

The devil has eun out of work has nothing to do but kick around in hell

No fool should gambl the risk of he'll when he is told how to avoid it
take Christ by faith

Those who dont believe in hell will wind up in hell

A person who saith he want to go to hell is a liar

No weapons in hell to fight with

His war in hell is lost

Feeling all over hell

Clocks are useless here

Time to stay out of hell is now

Repeating falling on surface of a turning planet of hell makes it


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