Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Footnote Factory: Sources

The OB4CL project on the Blue Light is leading us down a number of paths: Iceberg Slim, Schooly D, Kool G Rap, N.W.A., Ice T., Abe Ferrera: They're all in the OB4CL closet.

While we were rummaging around and we found a buncha orphans, too. We gonna adopt a couple for further consideration, maybe even study, later on. 2 Live have their fans, and their place is forever in the books. We are 'specially interested in their legal entanglements, which were many and can be sorted into piles: obscenity entanglements and private property entanglements. The obscenity problems are interesting mainly because 5 years afterwards it was like they never happened. Therefore, as a studied in failed legal action we want to come back to:

  • Mathieu Deflem, "Rock, Rap and Censorship." At least in 1993, the whole episode seemed important to legal scholars and sociologists.

We need to go back into the archive and pull out the legal records on the obscenity write up. Then there's the private property cases, that all come down to the SCOTUS. Turns out that these transgressions of property rights were much more offensive, and that the determination remade the industry, shaking change out of one person's pockets and into another's w/ every spin. Here we have a primary source:

And then finally, a couple of interviews worth taking in:

We'll rewind back to this mark again.

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