Sunday, September 26, 2010

What We're Hearing

Two thoughts this morning:

1.) The present Fela chic is something w/ which we haven't come to grips. Our relationship is old, dating back to a Christgau referral in the early 80s. Though the groove has been unshakeable since, this revival is hard to decode. It may be part of the same Ali/Foreman nostalgia, but it is so out of synch w/ present political wishes that it just doesn't make sense. And it may just be vault cleaning, but it's more powerful than comps of strange psychedelia from Benin.
2.) We keep coming back to the desire to get at the source, and we keep coming back to people like Guy Warren, jazzers on the east side of the Atlantic. We want to book that tells this story. And we want the devilin' archeology that puts it down on a 250-500 song playlist.

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