Saturday, September 11, 2010

A pure person does not know what defenses to use against the vampire!

"To sum up Miles, I like to call him right now an original Batman. He was a crusader for justice and for value. He'd be Miles Dewey Davis III by day, the son of Dr. Davis, and at night in the nightclubs he's in his lizard skin suits with the dark shades and he's doing his Batman-fighting for truth and justice. But Batman had to be a dual personality too, like he knew the criminal mind. So Miles, whatever he did that was not criminal but like short-tempered or he cursed everybody out, and when he was younger he'd hit somebody, or like they say Miles treated some woman really bad, or something like that... I would say that Bruce Wayne, the guy that played Batman, he was capable of doing that too, that's why he was such a good Batman. [laughs] That's what they say about the Judge of the Supreme Court Justice. If he did do something, sexual harassment or immoral acts or something like that or verbalize, or whatever. Like they say, it is best to have someone in the Supreme Court who knows what the devil is like and what the angels are like. [laughs] A pure person does not know what defenses to use against the vampire!"

-- Wayne Shorter, Interview w/ Kristian Brodacki, 1992

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