Friday, June 10, 2011

Where We Come From

The boozhy version of the crossroads story, but still the same story:

"My mom is a singer, mostly in choirs an stuff like that when I was little and my dad plays the bass, he’s been playing since he was about 5. He had to stop after a while when I was a kid. They encouraged me to be a creative individual but they didn’t really cultivate my growing in a creative way, it was more grade oriented. But my grandmother also did poetry so I wanted wanted to [do something in that] vein. So I started writing little poems and stuff when I was like 8 and it’s been like that ever since. Lots of writing and just pretending… pretending to be a rapper, pretending to be a poet. I accepted that one day I’d probably have to buckle down and be a boring adult. I never really took to the idea of being a [full time] musician, this was just my hobby on the side. But while knowing that I tried to postpone my dreaded destiny as long as possible and in the process I just became an emcee, I became the monster that I am."  Go here for the whole interview.

Long and short:  We all come down to the crossroads.  Are we brave enough to fall down on our knees and become the goblin we are supposed to be?

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