Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blue Whereabouts.

Standing on the mountain, far as I can see.
Dark clouds above me. Clouds all around poor me.

Feeling low and weary. Lord I've got a trouble in mind.
Everything that gets me. Everybody's so unkind.

Harvest time's coming and will catch me unprepared.
Haven't made a dollar. Bad luck is all I've had.

Lord how can I bear it? Lord what will the harvest bring,
Putting up all my money, and I isn't got a doggone thing?

I'm a weary traveler, roaming around from place to place.
If I don't find something, this will end me in disgrace.

Ain't got no mother. Father left me long ago.
I'm just like an orphan. Where my folks is I don't know.

Blues around my shoulder. Blues are all around my head.
With my heavy burden. Lord I wished I was dead.

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