Sunday, July 4, 2010

:: p o u r s a l i t t l e l i q u o r o n t h e g r o u n d ::

And another son of Sun Ra passes. It cannot be Afrofuturism when so much is in the past.

Noz, one of our role models, has begun to build the real shrine here, here and here. we will make no attempt to exceed that.

Grandgood has a fine effort up here.

There's also an official NYT obit here. Makes us laugh to read "an early graffiti writer" in the lede.

When we read effort by our boy Noz to make a record of how the 'ZΣΣ talks, we have a different reaction, though. Take this in:

I don’t really do music. I never ever really did music. I build tanks, I design letters to fly, I was building my dolls, building my masks. I now have 21 different masks and I go on tour with Death Comet Crew and go on tour by myself. But I mostly do paintings.

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